Kelly Steiger, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist - North Vancouver

Patient Testimonials

"Kelly is magical! Very professional, knowledgeable and caring. She explains things in a concise and patient manner. AND her massage has helped with all my athletics- very healing and preventive therapy."

MARY B, North Vancouver

" Kelly keeps me upright!!

I work as a nurse and have the constant aches, pains and back issues that go along with a physically challenging job!! I have been seeing Kelly regularly over the past 2 years and she has helped me become more limber and has eased my lower back strain. Kelly works with me to develop a treatment plan that i can adhere to…even sends me home with homework to do between treatments!! These are easy to fit into my schedule at home and work. Kelly has an amazing knowledge of the human body, its mechanisms and conditions and uses this knowledge to tailor her treatment. She is fun to work with, friendly and easy to talk to and is genuinely interested in helping people!!"

 PAM T, Registered Nurse


"The best Massage Ever

We are so fortunate to have found Kelly.  Her hands have a mind of their own.  They have the amazing ability to find the source of your pain and discomfort, even when you don't know where it is!  After a massage by Kelly you will feel better than you had ever imagined.  Kelly successfully mixes stress relief and pain relief into an overall program of wellness.  We highly recommend Kelly and guarantee you will not be disappointed!"

ROB & JEN, North Vancouver


"Kelly has really helped with rehabbing my knee. She has kept me fit, healthy and feeling good!"

Will B. North Vancouver

“Kelly has kept me healthy for my sports and her core-engaging technique has increased my shot power in soccer at least 10-15%. It has improved all my sports!”

JAMIE North Vancouver

"Best Massage Ever!

I have had many 'specialists' try to manage my back and neck issues over the last 30+ years and I have only found two that work, one in Australia, and the other is Kelly. Kelly has an incredible knowledge of how the human body works, which enables her to identify and fix your problems. Now that I have found her, I don't need to keep searching for the pain relief I need. Thank you Kelly!"

Alan L. North Vancouver/Sechelt